Otkritie is one of Russia's largest full-service commercial banks. Otkritie Bank decided to make a whole new line of products for investors. A part of this project was to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms from scratch. I was responsible for UX/UI for iOS mobile app in a big team of PjM, developers, and Android mobile designers.

Based on users' requests and interviews, we formulated next users' stories:
- As a user I want to be able to sell/buy stocks as fast as possible 
- As a user I want to be notified if my selected stocks drop/rise
- As a user I want to get system recommendations of what stocks to buy (relevant for newcomers)
- As a user I want to track what is going on in the market
- As a user I want to contact support any time in case of problems
After lots of iterations of discussions with stakeholders and several rounds of competitive analysis, we decided to separate the application into several categories:
- Investment portfolio
- Investition
- Quotations
- News
- Support
We conducted several usability tests to validate our design hypotheses and to be sure that our goals are achieved. 
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