I am a Senior UX/UI designer at Intermedia, where I delivery high-quality UI, conduct user researches, and arrange usability tests for various products. Also, I lead a design of product (Unite) the whole company is focused on. Unite is a unified communication tool with a focus on small and medium business. Apart from that, I'm a design mentor at Intermedia and on Udemy.
I've worked as a Front-End developer before I decided to focus on design. This experience enabled me to obtain analytical skills and develop critical thinking.
In a free time, I study cognitive science as I'm incredibly excited about how our brain works. I'm keen on growing plants, photography, psychology, books, and drawing. In people I appreciate honesty, kindness, and sense of humor.
Top 3 Hard Skills // User research, Usability testing, Design System
Top 3 Soft Skills // Empathetic, Open-Minded, Adaptive

My passions are photos and plants. Sometime I combine them into one:
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